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Advising the management and the technical management level
  • Analysis of raw materials and structural possibilities 
  • Selection and design of the appropriate TiO2 process
Technical support
  • Investment planning
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Market observation and analysis
  • Product developments


Advising the management and the technical management level
  • Analysis of raw materials and structural possibilities
  • Selection and design of the appropriate TiO2-Prozesses
Technology/Know-How Transfer
  • Engineering and commissioning of Ti2-Plants after the sulphate process and parts thereo
  • Engineering and commissioning of TiO2-Plants according to the chloride process and parts thereof
  • Engineering and commissioning of TiO2-Post-treatments and parts thereof
Technical support
  • Market observation and analysis
  • Product developments

Project execution

Ti-Cons supports the client during all stages of project execution
  • Accompanying the procurement
  • Support of the construction supervision
  • Training
  • Commissioning


Ti-Cons delivers engineering in two different levels: Basic and detail engineering.
The detail engineering is ready for construction. The following table shows the content of both basic and detail engineering:

Process Engineering

  • Process description
  • Specification of chemicals including safety data sheets
  • Quantity and characteristics of waste products and emissions
  • Process flow diagrams (PFD)
  • Utility flow diagrams (UFD)
  • Mass and heat balances
  • Utility consumption lists
  • Equipment list
  • Description of labor safety and health protection of plant operating personnel
  • Instruction of fire protection
  • Analysis plan and analysis methods
  • Design Basis
  • Process Description
  • Process flow diagrams (PFD)
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams (PID)D)
  • Equipment list
  • Media list
  • Safety analysis
  • Description of analysis methods

Authority Engineering (Support)

  • General drawings
  • Description of the plant and the plant operation
  • Description of origin and disposal of residual substances
  • Description of dangerous sources in the contract plant
  • Danger reaction plan (based on German regulations and practices)
  • HAZOP study
  • General drawings

Mechanical Engineering

  • Process data sheets – columns and reactors
  • Process data sheets – vessels
  • Process data sheets – heat exchangers
  • Process data sheets – rotating equipment
  • Process data sheets – filters and other equipment
  • Process data sheets – package units
  • Enhanced Manufacturing Drawings
  • Description of Apparatuses

Plant design

  • Plot plans
  • Layout drawings
  • Piping index
  • Pipe class index
  • Manual valves list
  • Media list
  • General piping design specification
  • General insulation specification
  • General coating specification
  • Detailed layout drawings
  • Detail-Lagepläne
  • Routing plans
  • Pipe classes
  • Piping index
  • Special parts
  • Equipment list for analysis and test

Control System and Instrumentation

  • General control system and instrumentation specification
  • Automation control concept
  • Tag list or database
  • List of sensors and actors
  • DCS specification
  • Tag list or tag database
  • General specification of actors
  • General specification of sensors
  • Detailed specification of electric sensors
  • Detailed specification of non-electric sensors
  • I/O list for DCS (signal list)
  • Loop drawings
  • List of alarms and limiting values
  • DCS configuration
  • DCS displays
  • DCS complex control algorithms
  • Process simulation

Electrical Engineering

  • Design Specification
  • Power consumer list for main equipment
  • List of power consumers in the cabinet
  • Demarcation map of the dangerous explosion areas based on European ATEX
  • I/O list for DCS (signal list)
  • Loop drawings

Civil Engineering

  • Specification of buildings, structural and civil works
  • Layout plans – roads and ways
  • Civil works – Preliminary drawings
  • Steel structures – Preliminary drawings
  • Description of plant surface draining
  • Formwork drawings
  • Reinforcement drawing
  • Steel drawings
  • Facade drawings
  • Sewer drawings
  • General arrangment drawings
  • Cable tray drawings
  • Grounding system drawings


  • Operation manuals
  • Analysis manuals
  • Maintenance manuals for the machinery, electrical, instrument and equipment

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